We are entering the silly season: jack-o-lanterns are coming down while autumn wreaths are going up; careful planning and preparations for Thanksgiving gatherings are under way, while in the background, commercials for Christmas sales air incessantly.

Yes, now is the time of year for frantic activity. Which is why taking an evening to enjoy a dinner, movie, and thoughtful discussion-compliments of the St. Paul's Youth Group-may be just what is needed. 

The movie, For the Bible Tells Me So, is controversial in its discussion of homosexuality within the greater Christian Faith. And although the movie will be discussed on Sunday, November 16, I wanted to ask a few preliminary questions, something of a thought activity for you to ponder prior to watching the movie:

* Have you ever questioned your own sexual orientation?

* Have you ever questioned your own gender?

* Have you felt deeply ashamed of something personal, and felt you needed to hide it from those you love?

* Have you ever had a crisis of Faith?

You need not answer these questions aloud or write down your responses. There is no quiz, no test, no grading, nor judgment. However, we invite your open mind and a willingness to be uncomfortable. This is a powerful movie, so come willing to listen, and possibly to share. You may learn a lot about humanity, your peers, and yourself.

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