Money, especially in the context of church, tends to make people uncomfortable. As though by its very holy nature, church should somehow be above it. Lent also tends to make people uncomfortable. It steers us to face the human/godly sacrifice, humiliation, and gory aspects of our faith, not just as reenactment with pretty cups and standing shoulder to shoulder with friends, but head on in a very personal way. How do we manage? How do we make right our loving God and the horror of the Crucifixion? How do we come to terms with money and the fact that we all have less, yet in order to sustain our Mission, the church needs more?


Perhaps there is a small and simple way to do both. 


One common Lenten observance is giving something up, a small forfeit that reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice for us. In my house, it was always beer. And let me tell you, no beer for the Rector, especially during holy week, reminded us ALL of the meaning of Lent.  Catholics traditionally eat no meat on Friday (albeit each Friday, not just during Lent).  Maybe this year we follow that lead and brown bag it on Fridays-Peanut Butter and Jelly for Jesus.

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