I started my Couch-to-5k Program today...a bit late on my New Year's Resolution, but better late than never. As I was walking, I passed a woman out with her dog and we exchanged "Good Mornings." After passing her, I began to think about all of the other people that I passed this morning (and many other mornings) without them saying "Good Morning". Then I realized that I didn't say it either and began to ponder the why of it. I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to get the common reply of, "What's so good about it?" However, in considering some possible answers, I came up with this list:

You are breathing.

It's not snowing or raining; in fact, the sun is shining bright.

Your car wasn't towed, or stolen, or crashed into during the night.

Your house didn't burn down.

You have a house.

You had breakfast this morning, or at least the option of having breakfast.

You are not in the hospital.


There are millions of people that cannot say that all of these are true for them. So YES! It is a good morning. In short, count your blessings.

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