How do we continue to help the church in these tough economic times?

There is no doubt that we are all affected in some way by the state of the economy. But are you aware of how it has and will affect St. Paul's? Our building plans will need to be adjusted, the source of our funds for Ministry Outside the Parish will need to be reconsidered, and there are myriad other things we may yet discover. So how do we continue to support St. Paul's during this extremely difficult and important time, all the while trying to guard our pocketbooks?


Here's an idea I had today, one that my husband and I will consider this year. After being married in the St. Paul's chapel, we knew that we wanted to have our ashes eventually buried in the Columbarium. What better place to feel close to one another? But in terms of actually purchasing a spot, we figured we had plenty of time to get there! Today it occurred to me that purchasing one NOW would help replenish St. Paul's endowment funds, funds that would allow us, the church, to continue to serve in ways important to us and needed more than ever before. And it is money we were planning on spending eventually anyway!

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