Acts 4:5-12; Psalm 23; 1 John 3:16-24; John 10:11-18


Psalm 23 is arguably the most well-known and well-beloved Psalm of all.  It is the most requested Psalm to be read at funerals, but, no matter the occasion, if you ask someone what Psalm they might suggest, chances are it will be the 23rd.


Psalm 23 provides the lyrics to some of our most beloved hymns.  Even Bobby McPherran loves this psalm enough to cover it.


Maybe it’s because of the posters that hung in our Sunday School classrooms of that blonde, blue-eyed Jesus holding the fluffy sheep over his shoulders, but this Psalm is, for many of us, a touchstone of comfort and reassurance.


Maybe it’s because we are so very far removed from the social and political implications of the Psalmist comparing God to a shepherd, or Jesus comparing himself to one that we so readily accept this image of God and God’s children as Good Shepherd and rambling sheep.


If Psalm 23 is a beloved Psalm of yours.  If it is the place to which you go when you are in need of comfort, in need of a warm fuzzy image of God and of life lived with God, I hope you’ll forgive me for what I’m about to say next.

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