by Molly Lanzarotta, Search Committee co-chair


St. Paul’s rector-elect Jeffrey Mello met St. Paul’s parishioners for the first time on June 14 at St. Paul’s annual end-of-the-year outdoor service and picnic at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline.

Undaunted by a rainy morning, an impressive number of parishioners braved the weather to celebrate the past year at St. Paul's and welcome Jeff, who concelebrated the service with interim rector Terry McCall and was accompanied by his family, partner Paul Daigneault and their son, Ardani.

The service and picnic came off thanks to the hard work of many parishioners, including Ginny Willcox and Alan Fried who took the lead on the food, and a group of volunteer singers and musicians.

Rev. Jeffrey Mello met St. Paul's parishioners for the first time
at the annual parish picnic on June 14.  Pictured here with Sue Ardizzoni.

As one of the organizers of the music, I want to especially thank the intergenerational group of singers who put a lot of time into preparing the gospel song “The Storm is Passing Over,” which we chose both in anticipation of today's gospel reading (Mark 4:35-41) and to acknowledge a year full of change and transition that is now moving towards calmer seas (as Terry talked about in today’s sermon).  As it turned out, the song was also quite appropriate as the skies cleared, the sun came out, and the storm did indeed pass over for our picnic!

I spoke with Jeff this week and he and his family were very appreciative for the opportunity to meet St. Paul’s parishioners ahead of his official start date in August and are looking forward to many celebrations together to come.

Some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

Terry McCall’s last Sunday: 7/26/09

Jeff Mello’s first day in the office: 8/11/09

Jeff Mello’s first Sunday: 8/16/09

Celebration of new ministry: 10/28/09

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