Annual Reports

Attached is the Annual Report  for the year 2008 that was revised based on changes requested at the Annual Parish Meeting on January 11, 2009.  It contains reports from the major program areas of the parish.  As a result of moving the Annual Meeting up several weeks, the attached does not yet contain the full Treasurer's report, which is waiting on end of year balances from several accounts.  The attached contains the first part of the Treasurer's report and the approved budget for 2009.

The Annual Meeting featured not only the election of new officers but updates on the progress of the search for a new rector, what the budget for this year means, where we stand on the Capital Appeal, and a presentation of the current plans for renovating the Rectory and Parish House. 

The Annual Parish Meeting approved the minutes from last year as presented, elected the candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee, authorized the Vestry to approve the hiring of the new rector, and adopted the courtesy resolutions.  Please see the attached for further information.

Annual reports from previous years can be found at

Download this file (Annual Reports - January 11, 2009 - with approved budget.pdf)Annual Report Dated 1-11-2009 - revised[Annual Report for 2008 - including Approved Budget and Preliminary Treasurer Report]0 kB
Download this file (Draft_Unapproved_Annual_Meeting_Minutes_01-11-09.pdf)Draft_Unapproved_Annual_Meeting_Minutes_01-11-09.pdf[Draft, Unapproved Minutes of the 1-11-09 Annual Meeting]33 kB

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