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Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

September 19, 2008


The June minutes were approved as amended.


Building Committee Update

Landscape work (shrub removal) and masonry work (pointing) has begun. The masonry estimate came in below the funds budgeted so the work may be expanded to include snow guards, railings and repairing the step into the Great Hall. Chris Logan has met with Maria, Georgia, and Laura. The necessity and cost of lead and asbestos abatement (in the Rectory) is being looked into. Clinton Path's usage of the Rectory during construction makes this an especially timely priority. The next Building Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday Sept. 24th

at 7:30.


Stewardship Committee

Co-chair candidates are being sought. The responsibilities of the co-chairs include development of materials that are distributed, recruitment of parishioners to make stewardship speeches, and general administrative duties. Steve Morrissey, Nancy Sampson and George Coggeshall have volunteered, either as co-chairs or support staff. Jim Bales has volunteered to speak about his stewardship experience.


Worship Committee

Art and Sharlene will continue in their current positions on the committee. The Lenten Committee may be expanded to include the Worship Committee. The 9:00 and 11:00 service's similarities and differences were discussed. In order to keep them distinct, kid-friendly music and shorter readings are being considered for the 9:00 service. Hymn selection and enhancement of the familiarity factor may help to draw the younger parish members into the rhythm of the service. The reason for the decline in the number of children attending services and registering for Sunday school was discussed. Georgia volunteered to arrange for a children's liturgical bulletin in an effort to engage children during the service. A drop-off in church attendance of high school age kids is normal, but the drop in younger kids attendance/participation is not. This trend is not a reflection of demographic changes. Kindergarten registration (in the Brookline public schools) is not declining.


Terry noted that this may be a difficult time to adjust the service schedule too dramatically because there are other higher priorities during the Interim Period, and such a change is a tall order in the first year of the new Rector. Georgia (Search Committee liaison to the Vestry) noted that locking into the three services format will reduce the number of applicants for Rector.


A Parents Forum is being formed to solicit feedback and raise money for the Youth Group. Bev volunteered to coordinate the forum. Georgia, Maria, and Andrea volunteered to assist Bev.


Folk music was suggested as a means to stimulate Youth Group attendance and participation.


Clergy Report

In an email vote on August 4, 2008, the Vestry approved the following resolution: Compensation for the Rev. Regina Retamal as supply priest on Aug. 10, 17, and 24 and on Sept. 28 will be paid as housing allowance. This compensation totals $800.


An alternative to the current situation of the Rector writing material for the weekly newsletter/calendar is being explored. Faith stories are being sought for the newsletter.


Guidelines for whom to rent to are being developed. No new "regular renters" will be accepted until the construction is completed.


Bible Study

Vestry members were encouraged to suggest/provide material or music to be discussed during the vestry meeting Bible Study. Andrea volunteered to prepare content for the October vestry meeting.


Treasure's Report

Reconciliation is under way and the finished document will be distributed to Vestry members by email. Pledge income is slightly off-pace, and music rental income has decreased significantly. Advertising was discussed as a means to increase the music rental demand. The Main Yard Sale, Furniture Yard Sale, and ad hoc Yard Sale (held in June) yielded $4500, $2700 and $2200 respectively.


The Finance Committee will meet on September 25th to discuss endowment adjustments, among other topics.


Search Committee

The Parish Profile and Church Deployment Office form have been completed. Pat Dunbar is working on the design of the Profile brochure which will be submitted to Cynthia for approval. The Search Committee is developing a list of candidate questions. Careful analysis of what George, Margie and Pam did is being considered with regard to what we need, want and expect from our new Rector.


Memorial Guidelines

Betsy Munzer and Jim Bales have developed a second draft for consideration by the Vestry.



On October 5th there will be a combined service at 10:00 followed by a pot-luck lunch with presentations by Building Committee, Capital Campaign representative, and the Search Committee.



The theme of this year's auction is cabaret. Due to construction/renovation, an alternate location for the auction is being considered.


Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held on the last Sunday in January.


Web Site

Steve Kelley will train contributing authors to input content to the web page



Respectfully submitted by

Benjamin Norton clerk

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