Parish Leadership

St. Paul’s Church in Brookline

Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

June 21, 2011


Present: The Rev. Jeffrey W. Mello, Rector; Georgia Smith, Senior Warden; Roger House, Junior Warden; Beverly Estes-Smargiassi, Treasurer; Benjamin Norton, Clerk; Jeff Brown,Lizbeth DeSelm, Edward Jacobson, Jim Margolis, Jean Moses, Fred Muehter, and Linda Sanches

Not present: Madeleine Taylor and Ginny Willcox

The meeting opened with a prayer by Jean Moses.



Agenda was moved and approved.



The May minutes were voted and approved as edited by CWT.


Rector’s Report

The post Easter period has seen a flurry of parish activity from the Parish Picnic to the Silent Auction. The

Silent Auction was a big success in the inception and execution. The fundraising goal was achieved. Pentecost was also rather busy, highlighted by five baptisms.


Honduras Update

There will be five planning meetings held over the summer. Each Honduras Mission attendee is expected to generate fundraising income to be used for expenses. The target of $25k will be pursued through parties, bake sales, direct mail, etc.


Parish Cook-In Review

Due to the weather, the parish cook-out became a cook-in. Those who attended enjoyed the good company and the fruit of Ginny and Doug Willcox’s labor.


Pastoral Care Team Update

The Pastoral Care team met to give structure to our delivery of pastoral care. One goal is to make public what we already do.


Priest Associates Update

Anoma Abeyaratne, Dick Downes , and Gordon Shultz were officially introduced to the parish. Jeff gave a brief explanation of the role of Priest Associate. Each person will focus on a specific area of church life.


Pastoral Care Update

Jeff has been busy visiting parish members who are unable to attend services.


Summer Schedule Preview

Anoma and Gordon will cover for Jeff when he is out of town for vacation or mission (as Staff chaplain at the Barbara Harris Center in NH for a week, and the trip to Honduras)


Program Calendar Review

The program calendars for the church school and service music are being revised. (see Warden’s Report)


Warden’s Report

Sacristy Repair Update

Photographs and additional information have been provided to the insurance company. The quote for haz-mat removal is still valid.


Solar Panel Change-over Update

Jeff Brown, Fred Muehter, and Jim Batchelor will meet soon and report back to vestry. The functionality of the current system and the best location for new panels are primary topics.


French School Update

The final details of the contract are being worked out. The school will use the Clinton Path Space two afternoons per week.


B-SAFE Update

St. Paul’s has committed to making lunches for 80 to support the B-SAFE program at St. Stephen’s in the South End. Georgia, Ginny and Jim will coordinate the project which will hopefully draw in some members of the parish Youth Group


Church School Program Overhaul

In an effort to bring more music to the church school students, and create a teaching environment/curriculum that will be more attractive to volunteers. Julie Starr will need an Assistant to handle the increase in group size.


Mission Sundays Update

Events are planned to infuse the youth of the parish with the idea of public service. Activities could include sending care packages to youth parishioners who are off at college and planting bulbs on Veteran’s Sunday.


Parish Picture Day

The parish picture is scheduled for September 25th.


Thanksgiving Service

A Wednesday evening Thanksgiving Service was proposed as many parishioners travel out of town for the holiday.


Morning Service on Ash Wednesday

The possibility of holding both a morning and evening service on Ash Wednesday was discussed.


Silent Auction and Facebook Update

The auction was a success. Liz noted that Ed was very helpful in getting food donations. New methods were implemented to increase attendance. One of those was the placing of ads on Facebook. While measuring the exact impact of the ads is difficult, they seemed to be successful based on the number of people who clicked on our ad for more information. The number of St Paul’s Facebook fans increased during the period. Over the first 12 days of the ad run the spot had 2 million impressions and 200 hits. Liz will work on updating the Facebook site. This is a good opportunity to engage the Youth Group. It was also noted that newspaper print ads can get good results. It was also noted that word-of-mouth and our presence are two of our strongest drawing cards.


Weekly Calendar - Update Friendly

The weekly calendar will be converted to a “Constant Contact” format.



Memorial Bench for Eric Anderson

The Vestry discussed the receiving of a bench to be given in memory of Eric Anderson. Jeff Brown will be consulted regarding best locations. He will also be asked to work with Clara Batchelor to draw up a rough draft of landscaping wish list that might suit related projects in the future. The list might include new plantings, tree work, and/or sculpture.


Parochial Report

The annual report of church data, demographics, and financials is sent to diocese and the national church where it is used to evaluate each parish’s place in the diocese. It will be emailed around for questions and approval.

The vestry may revisit the data in the autumn to get more accurate view of year on year trends.


Treasurer’s Report

Bev and Liz have been working on the final details of the Sam Shaw Bequest. The original bequest of $30k has increased to $37k in a Vanguard account. As the Vanguard account is being rather well managed the funds will be left there for the near future. The signatories will be the treasurer and both wardens.




Memorial Bench

The vestry voted and passed the acceptance of the memorial bench proposal.

Parochial Report

The vestry voted to certify the Parochial Report pending amendment and review.


Sam Shaw Bequest

The vestry voted to accept the bequest.


The meeting closed with a prayer at 8:30

Respectfully Submitted,

Ben Norton, Clerk


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