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Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

May 18, 2010

 Present: The Rev. Jeffrey Mello – Rector, Steve Kelley – Senior Warden, Georgia Smith – Junior Warden, Bev Estes-Smargiasi – Treasurer, Roger House – Ac ting Clerk, Jeff Brown, Liz Diselm, Elizabeth Laurencot, Jim Margolis, Fred Muehter, and Ginny Wilcox

The meeting opened at 7:30 with a prayer.


The agenda was reviewed and approved.


There was discussion on a quarterly versus monthly review of the budget.  There was discussion regarding the use of full names within the meeting minutes since they are maintained as a record and they could be confusing for someone who was unfamiliar with the meeting participants.  The amended April meeting minutes were approved. 

Presentation on Mutual Ministry Review

The Rector, Jeff Mello  provided a presentation on the Mutual Ministry Review.  It is a checkpoint aimed at maintaining open communication between the rector and the vestry, not a performance review.  This annual MMR should leave everyone excited and energized about moving forward.  A major Mutual Ministry Review using an outside facilitator should occur every 4-5 years.

The plan for the next Vestry meeting is for the first 30 minutes to be spent with a business meeting and the balance to be spent in Mutual Ministry Review.  Goals will be developed and set for the coming year.  Jeff was requested to provide the Vestry with the major buckets of how his time is spent.  The materials for the Mutual Ministry Review need to be sent to the Vestry members who were not present.

Warden’s Report

The tree near the Clinton Path play area was removed.  The timing was appropriate as the majority of the tree had rotted.  

Walter’s time as substitute Sexton was discussed.  We are in the process of identifying an appropriate gift since he has refused to accept payment. 

New computers are a priority for Systems Administration.

Quarterly Treasurer’s Report

There was general discussion on various budget line items.  There was significant discussion regarding the endowment income.  We discussed approaching the town to make them aware of rental income.  The sexton line of the financials will be very high because of  David Murray’s  severance package which was a lump sum payment. 

Rector’s Report

James Santagati has begun his duties as the new Sexton and was introduced to members of the Vestry.

Jeff spent three days at the clergy conference.  There was a debriefing on Bishop Gail Harris’ return.  Social media and the ministry were discussed. 

Thirty members of the congregation joined the Walk for Hunger. 

There were several items regarding Clinton Path which were discussed.  A monthly check-in between Jeff Mello and Laura Bradford, the Clinton Path Director, will be held going forward.  We failed to inform Clinton Path of the Parish work day and some of their items were discarded.  The new sandbox was also discussed.

The Letter Carriers Food Drive was very successful with good volunteer support. 

Rogation Sunday had great synergy given what was happening with the trees – thanks to Ginny Wilcox for the idea. 

The Evensong program was outstanding, though it was not as well attended as hoped.

Jeff has attended his final Fresh Start session. 

The Silent Auction net expenses should meet its goal.  Andrea Brue’s efforts were recognized.  Given that there was no co-chair this year, it was impressive that the goal was met.

Usher training was held on May 16th. 

Reviews are pending for Andy and Lucy. 

The Ministry Fair will be held on May 23rd which is also Pentecost Sunday – wear red. 

Clean Harbors is being engaged for the tower cleanup. 

Pastorally, this month has been very busy with several visits.

Parish Retreat Update

There was no update this month.

Upcoming Events

Pentecost Sunday (May 23)

Ministry Fair (May 23)

Youth Sunday (June 6)

Church Picnic (June 13)

The meeting closed with a prayer at 9:20PM.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 15th at 7:30PM.  The Mutual Ministry review will be conducted. 

Respectfully submitted,

Roger House

Acting Clerk

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