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St. Paul's Church in Brookline

Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

February 23, 2010

Present: The Rev. Jeffrey W. Mello, Rector; Steve Kelley, Senior Warden; Georgia Smith, Junior Warden; Beverly Estes-Smargiassi, Treasurer; Benjamin Norton, Clerk; Jeff Brown, Liz DeSelm, Roger House, Elizabeth Laurencot, Jim Margolis, Steve Morrissey, Fred Muehter, Madeleine Taylor, Not Present: Ginny Willcox.

The meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with a prayer.


Junior Warden Georgia Smith, returning Vestry member Fred Muehter, and new Vestry members Jeff Brown and Roger House, were welcomed to the Vestry.


The agenda was voted and approved.


The January minutes were approved as amended.

Warden’s Report

Building and Grounds Update

Steve Kelley reviewed the structure and details of cost reconciliation from our architects, Donham and Sweeney, for the construction and remodeling of the parish hall and rectory.

Clara Batchelor has completed landscaping mock-ups. An arborist observed the large tree next to the playground, and voiced structural concerns. For safety reasons the tree will be removed.

Interior and exterior signage, dehumidification in the rectory basement, and re-sanding of the sanctuary floor, are in the works.

Clinton Path Update

Meetings are planned to determine the future rate structure. Clinton Path will be encouraged to set aside some spots for Saint Paul’s parishioners’ children. Storage space issues will also be discussed.

Treasurer’s Report

Software Update

A web-based version of Quickbooks has been introduced to integrate the efforts of the four people working on church finances, including Lucy’s take-over of various responsibilities. Training sessions are planned for those unfamiliar with the application.

Messiah Sing Update

Memorial funds were sought to cover some of the expenses of the Messiah sing. Voted and approved.

Rector’s Report

Vestry Retreat Update

The retreat on March 6th at the Bethany House of Prayer in Arlington will focus on spiritual and community growth and goal setting to help prepare for our mutual ministry review in June. Materials were distributed for participant review prior to the event. 

Parish Life Update

Everyone in the office has been very busy in the ramp up to Holy Week. Andy, Lucy and Jeff have been meeting often to plan and coordinated the extra services. There will be an early Good Friday service with material specifically chosen for its child-friendly content. Banners will be used to promote the services. Vestry “shepherds” will get the word out so all parish members will know about the service schedule. Eli will contact Arlene to arrange the hand-over of “flock” lists.

Jeff is doing six-month reviews with all staff members.

The meeting closed with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted by

Benjamin Norton, clerk


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