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St. Paul's Church in Brookline

Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

November 17th, 2009

Present: The Rev. Jeffrey W. Mello, Rector; Andrea Brue, Senior Warden; Steve Kelley, Junior Warden; Beverly Estes-Smargiassi, Treasurer; Ben Norton, Clerk; Liz DeSelm, Elizabeth Laurencot, Steve Morrissey, Georgia Smith, Arlene Swan-Mahony, Nancy Sampson, Madeleine Taylor, and Ginny Willcox

The meeting opened at 7:30 p.m. with a prayer.


The October minutes were approved as amended.

Spiritual Reflection

Jeff led a brief discussion focused on stories of faith and the role of Vestry members as spiritual elders of the parish. Each vestry member was encouraged to explain ways that St. Paul’s had transformed their lives.

Warden’s Report

Building/Rental Property Update

Our architect has submitted the final list of modifications/additions to the contractor. Women’s room construction will begin in early December. Jeff, Andrea, Lucy and Dixon met to finalize the details of renting the apartment in the rectory. The purchase and installation of a washer and dryer, for the rental apartment, was approved.

Nominating Committee

Andrea, Arlene, Georgia and Nancy formed a long list of candidates who will be contacted by phone.

Clinton Path Agreement Update

Andrea met with Michelle to sign the final agreement.

Safe Church Training

Attendees of the training seminar discussed the forming of a group to oversee the changes necessary to make St. Paul’s Safe Church compliant. Specific topics include articulating Mandated Reporter guidelines, CORI filing policies, and the inclusion of renters in the Safe Church protocol. The vestry asked that the working group find a Chair and report back.

Treasurer’s Report

Bev presented the year-to-date figures with explanation of MOP, Supply Clergy, and Clergy Education category shifts. Capital Expenses were reviewed, and a spread sheet summarizing the Capital Campaign was distributed.

Budget Committee

Steve K. explained that budget planning meetings are ramping up.

Rector’s Report

Installation Review

The Celebration of New Ministry went very well, and was covered by the Brookline Tab. Special thanks were offered to all who made the event such a success.

Space Use Committee

Space use policies will be revisited to establish guidelines on liability, lock-up responsibility, alcohol use and fees. Andrea and Ben volunteered to co-chair the committee.

Worship Committee

Liz volunteered to act as Vestry liaison to the group that will address liturgy, music, and ways that we can ensure that St. Paul’s a place where all parishioner’s opinions are welcome and respected.

Pastoral Update

A group of St Paul’s parishioners visited Sherrill House to sing for Eleanor Clark.

The possibility of combining the Ministry Fair and the Parish Retreat in 2010 was introduced.

The first training seminar of the Leadership Development Institute is scheduled for early December. The primary focus will be on Youth Ministry at St. Paul’s.

Moveable Feast

There has been very favorable response to the moveable feast. Five host houses and 66 attendees (many of them new parishioners) and have already singed up.

Stewardship Update

Letters with pledge cards have been mailed, announcements have been made at services, back ground information has been posted online. Spare pledge cards will be available on Sunday.

Transition Committee

The Search Committee has been asked to serve as the Transition Committee. The focus will be on the expectation of the near future, and ensuring that intent and actual impact jibe, as the meaning behind what we do is not always received.

New Business

The purchase a First Aid kit was approved. The future purchase of AD was discussed.

Andrea recounted her very positive experience volunteering in the nursery and encouraged all present to sign up.

It was suggested that the Messiah sing be promoted more fervently.

The replacement of the bulletin board was discussed. The discussion led to the possible display of former rectors’ photographs or portraits. Pat Dunbar will be contacted regarding the existence of such a collection.

Furniture for the church school and Great Hall has been ordered.

Voted by Email

A motion was made that St. Paul's Episcopal church accept a gift to St. Paul's from the Rev. Jeff Mello and family of a Sargent Crabapple tree to be planted outside the Aspinwall side of the chapel.  The selection, location and planting of the tree are to be coordinated by Clara Batchelor. Voted and approved by email on 10/25/09.

A motion was made that St. Paul's Episcopal Church accept a gift to St. Paul's from new parishioner Dick Downes of a stole and chasuble to match the altar frontal. Voted and approved by email on 10/25/09.

The meeting closed with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted by

Benjamin Norton, clerk

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