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St. Paul's Church in Brookline

Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

May 19th, 2009

Present: Rev. Terry McCall, Andrea Brue, Steve Kelley, Liz DeSelm, Beverly Estes-Smargiassi, Elizabeth Laurencot, Jim Margolis, Steve Morrissey, Georgia Smith, Arlene Swan-Mahony, Madeleine Taylor, Ginny Willcox, and Ben Norton, clerk

Not present: Nancy Sampson,

The meeting was opened with a prayer.


The April minutes were approved as amended.

Treasurer’s Report

Budget Update

      Endowment drawdown will be adjusted. Based on new clergy and staff changes, CWT will consider a budget revision. Various categories will be review and adjusted, including Transitional Expenses.

      Pledge income is on-target.


      Ed Pease will prepare the ’07 audit as an Interim Audit, because some of the same points were still being addressed in ’08. The ongoing questions will be fielded in the ’08 audit, to ensure a timely submission of the ’07 audit. Ed was assigned (by the diocese) as Business Consultant to Saint Paul’s in order to review our financial health. This is one of the requirements step in the Rector hiring process.  Ed is giving suggestions on topics such as keeping the assessment up-to-date, health insurance, and pension insurance. Ed’s report will be reviewed by CWT and presented at the June Vestry meeting.

Warden’s Report

Search Committee Update

      The letters announcing Reverend Jeff Mello’s new position at Saint Paul’s were mailed. Jeff’s first Sunday will be August 16th. Bishop Bud Cederholm will preside over the Installation Ceremony which will be held on October 27th.

      A Welcoming Committee will be formed to help the Jeff’s family settle into the rectory, get to know the neighborhood, and organize a reception for his first Sunday. Ginny, Arlene and Madeleine volunteered to form the committee.

Building Committee Update

      John Mahony has worked very hard researching and meeting with Brett’s assistant Chris Logan, to determine the most cost-efficient, and timely, insulation options. More details are available on the Saint Paul’s website.

     Rectory renovations are progressing. Jeff’s input will be sought regarding paint schemes for the rectory.

      The Brookline Emergency Food Pantry has generously committed to contribute $10,000 toward the renovation of the “middle room”.  The funds will be used to replace all the cabinets in the middle room. Without the donation, replacement of all the cabinets, may not have been feasible.

      The environmental impact of the construction is being carefully considered. For example, the installation of linoleum flooring in the kitchen and choir room is “greener” than other flooring options.

Clinton Path Update

      Michele Mendoza of Clinton Path replied to CWT’s email regarding rent payment status, billing of pest control, and partial reimbursement for the hurricane fence. The latest construction schedules have been provided to Clinton Path.

Bible Study

Madeleine Taylor presented John 4.1-6 for consideration and discussion.

Clergy Report

      The Parochial Report has been filed with the national church and the diocese. Space Use Policies and rates/fees are being compiled from local and national churches. Our updated Space Use Policy will be refined and presented to the Vestry at the June Meeting. Space reservations for ’10 are already coming in to the Parish Office.

Choir Appreciation Coffee Hour

      The choir will sing for the last time before summer break, on Sunday June 7th. Andy is planning to have the choir photo taken on that Sunday. A special Appreciation Coffee Hour has been planned to honor the hard work of Andy and the entire choir.

Youth Group

      A special coffee hour is being planned to offer best wishes and a rousing send-off for the Youth Group members who will attend schools out of the Brookline area starting next autumn.

Pentecost Reading

      Volunteers for the Pentecost readings in various languages are flowing in. The reading will be Acts II.1-11

Vestry Shepherds

      The updated shepherd lists were distributed to the vestry members. Pledge thank you notes will be sent out soon.


Respectfully submitted by

Benjamin Norton, clerk

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