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St. Paul's Church in Brookline

Minutes of the Vestry Meeting

October 21, 2008

Present: Rev. Terry McCall, Andrea Brue, Steve Kelley, Liz DeSelm, Beverly Estes-Smargiassi, Steve Estes-Smargiassi, Jim Margolis, Steve Morrissey, Nancy Sampson, Georgia Smith, Arlene Swan-Mahony, and Ben Norton

Not present: Elizabeth Laurencot, Madeleine Taylor

The meeting was opened with a prayer.


The September minutes were approved as amended.

Warden's Report

Lead and asbestos inspections were done in the rectory and parish hall. This is an especially timely issue as Clinton Path is slated to use the first floor of the rectory, during construction. Areas of concern were identified and abatement was addressed. Clinton Path directors will be brought into the discussion to ensure that the solution is acceptable to them. The cost of comprehensive de-leading and asbestos abatement was estimated at 30-50k. This cost will be added to the construction budget. The project will be broken down into two phases. The first phase will be completed in time for the Clinton Path move to the rectory in late December. The first phase was voted, and passed unanimously. The first phase includes removal of the Rectory front porch and some wood trim in the ground floor bathroom. The second phase will include lead removal from any windows containing lead as well as extensive lead removal on floors 2 & 3 of the Rectory.

Bathroom Access during Construction

As many areas will be closed off during construction, the issue of bathroom access was discussed. One option is the staging of construction to allow access to the current bathrooms, while the new ones are under construction. This will add to construction costs & schedule but is a barrier free option. A second option is to use the bathroom on the first floor of the rectory during construction. This option is not barrier-free. A third option is the rental of "porta-potties". These range in cost from $150/mo to $2800/mo. The final decision will be left to the Transition and Building Committees.

Coffee Hour during Construction

Since there will be no access to the kitchen during construction the 9:00 coffee hour will be held in the rectory, as that is where the church school classes will be held. The 11:00 coffee hour will be held at the back of the sanctuary.

Space Use during Construction

Space use during, and post construction were discussed. Groups currently using the Great Hall and Lichtenberger Room have been told they will have to find temporary venues (except tap--their move will be permanent). During construction concerts will continue in the sanctuary. The possibility of permitting receptions at the back of the sanctuary was considered.


A significant portion of the budget depends on income generated by the endowment. The current volatility of the financial market has reduced the value of the endowment. The original financial feasibility study was done at the then current valuation, so final construction cost estimates are being reviewed very carefully.

Worship Committee

The number of services, youth education and participation, and Advent planning were commented on. A primary goal of the Vestry is to establish continuity during the search and construction. While the Search Committee reps urged that a decision be reached on the number of services to be held, the consensus was that the final decision should not be made without the input of the new Rector


While the retreat was enjoyed by all who attended, its format may be altered in light of the Search, construction and other activities such as the Yard Sale and Home Coming. The possibility of skipping the retreat in '09 or shifting to a one-day event was discussed.

Bible Study

Andrea Brue led the discussion which focused on a passage from One Hundred Miracles, and Caravaggio's painting The Incredulity of St. Thomas.

Treasurer's Report

The September report was presented with an explanation of certain line items. The use of an individual donation that had been earmarked for a Music Intern for other music related activities and expenses was discussed, voted, and passed unanimously.

Search Committee

At a deployment retreat attended by Cynthia, 12 potential candidates expressed interest in the opening. Additionally, a list of 40 candidates has been compiled. The candidate's submission deadline has been extended to mid-December. Three questions, which will be sent to the candidates, are in the final draft stage.

Memorial Guidelines

The guidelines are being completed and will be presented at the November Vestry meeting.


Respectfully submitted by

Benjamin Norton clerk


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