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Inclusive: A progressive faith community welcoming people of all backgrounds.
Educational: A robust church school program, an active high school youth group and adult educational programs.
Musical: We love to sing and celebrate the power of music through congregational singing, choral anthems, and our children's music programs.
Accessible: A bright worship space available to all.
Compassionate: Home to the Brookline Food Pantry, and committed to contributing 10% of our church income to social justice and relief charity.
Committed: Involved in local and global ministries including our ongoing mission in Honduras.

Richard Upjon's Watercolor Perspective View of St. Paul's Church, 1851Richard Upjon's Watercolor Perspective View of St. Paul's Church, 1851

OUR PARISH was founded in 1849 by Brookline residents who engaged Richard Upjohn to design the graceful Gothic Revival structure that dominates the corner of St. Paul Street and Aspinwall Avenue.

A fire in 1976 devastated the sanctuary, leaving only its exterior walls.

St. Paul's After 1976 FireSt. Paul's After 1976 Fire

In reconstructing the church, architect Brett Donham blended elements of twentieth century design, including solar heat, with the beauty of the old structure. The contrasts in the building reflect the interesting diversity within the congregation.

New interior, light, contemporary design.New interior, light, contemporary design

After the fire, with new roof and solar panels for heatingAfter the fire, with new roof and solar panels for heating

Among us are parishioners from around the comer and around the world, representing a wide range of professional, economic, and educational backgrounds. Our parish family includes grandparents, single adults, teenagers, and couples, with children and without. We value our human diversity and strive to learn from each other while worshiping together.

We hope you will want to join us in some way. St. Paul’s has much to share and we welcome what you can bring to our community. Perhaps one of our parishioners expressed it best when he wrote:

St. Paul’s allows you to be yourself, whether you wish to join the dozens of available activities or simply worship with us and go your way. There is room here for the individual, the activist, and the thinker / questioner. Faith and love abound!

St. Paul's is a member of the Diocese of Massachusetts and the Episcopal Church.

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