St. Paul’s is a church community that sees music as central to its spiritual life. We are blessed at St. Paul’s to have a sanctuary with an acoustic that inspires and rewards singing and music-making of all sorts: As you enter the sanctuary for the first time, it is hard to miss the Bozeman organ standing up high behind the altar, speaking of the centrality of music in our church life. And when you first “hear” the space -- when someone starts to sing or when an instrument begins to play -- it is clear that this is a sanctuary that celebrates and nurtures the role of music in drawing us closer to the spiritual currents running so deeply in our lives.

In addition to the main sanctuary, the chapel also has a lovely acoustic that nurtures a sense of musical intimacy with its wonderful resonance. In short, St. Paul's is a church where music-making is fundamental to our experience of worship and ministry. (Indeed, the quality of the sanctuary acoustic is such that the church is in high demand as a concert/recital space among performers from area music schools and arts organizations: We host an average of 60 concerts per year. See the concert events calendar for details of specific concerts.)

The goal of the music program at St. Paul’s is to produce outstanding music, stimulating both congregational participation and spiritual energy. With this in mind, we provide a range of musical opportunities:


The St. Paul’s Choir is composed of professional and volunteer singers. Anyone interested in singing in the choir should speak with Andy Clarkson to arrange an audition. 


St. Paul's Choir Sings Mozart's Requiem


The Choir sings from September to June at the 10:00 AM Sunday services, as well as at special choral services throughout the church year.  Such special services include:


  • Candlelight Carols (Sunday before Christmas)
  • Christmas Eve Midnight Mass
  • Lenten Invitation Service (Sunday after Ash Wed.)
  • Tenebrae (Wednesday of Holy Week)
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Vigil


Rehearsals for the St. Paul’s Choir are on, on average, two Wednesday evenings per month (please refer to the "events calendar" for rehearsal schedule) and on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM.

The Choir's primary mission includes: a) cultivating the power of music in our lives and nurturing that power in our church community; b) welcoming all, regardless of belief and/or religious identity; and c) being flexible so as to accomodate singers' busy schedules (our professionals sing always, but our volunteers sing when they are able -- some sing all the time, some occasionally).

The Choir's repertoire includes a wide variety of music aimed to both challenge us musically and move us spiritually. Selections range from early music to contemporary, from classics to premieres. We are particularly drawn to the performance of a cappella works.

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