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Hello all, I am Sarah Campbell and I have been a part of this Saint Paul’s community for almost four decades.

As a child, my family and I came to almost every Sunday service. After a few short years, my sister and I began to serve during church, as acolytes. For many years to follow we did this. Let’s just say we weren’t the most well-behaved kids, I’m sure George and Margie Chapman will confirm that!!


As children, church was a chore, we never we wanted to really go. Having to sit through over an hour long service, in a quiet room with adults I didn’t know, reading passages I didn’t understand, wasn’t easy.

It took over twenty years for me to finally understand why our mother woke us up so early on Sundays. I finally got why there were so many adults that come together every Sunday to celebrate the word of the Lord.

I am now one of those adults.

I wake up on Sunday mornings knowing that I am gifted with another service at Saint Paul’s. Walking through the large, heavy doors that lead to this sanctuary, I’m filled with such gratitude and the feeling of belonging. For me, church has really become a place of joy and happiness. I have gotten to know some amazing people that I wouldn’t have grown so close with otherwise.

I have found inner peace here at church, I often use this time to relax and enjoy the weekly sermon -- I always seem to relate somehow to each sermon. I know that with all that’s going on in the world, here​, I am surrounded by unconditional love, safety, support and extreme generosity.

Imagine everyone being this generous: a wonderful spread of goodies at coffee hour, free childcare, free exercise classes, free performances by amazing singers, free events, constant guidance, and outpouring love. This is just a small percentage of what is offered to us.

Here, we give.

We walk for hunger. We collect and distribute food to those in need. Our friends in Puerto Rico received many packages filled with our donations. The Syrian refugees were provided with warm clothing for their new life here in New England, and the list goes on and on. By giving to the church, you’re also getting so much in return. Paying it forward and giving back to our global community is such an amazing feeling.

I am choosing to pay what I have, forward by pledging. You can, too; whether it’s a dollar or a hundred dollars each week, it matters. If all of us come together and increase our annual giving by even a small amount, this will help St. Paul’s continue doing what gets done.

We, as Saint Paul’s Brookline, always come together in times of need. Saint Paul’s needs our annual pledges in order to continue to offer THIS​ and everything else here. Thank you and here's to another four decades here at Saint Paul’s.

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