Honduras Mission Group

The St. Paul's Honduras Mission has worked with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras since 2004, sponsoring mission trips to remote villages in southeast Honduras. El Hogar Projects serves 250 children at the three schools and homes.

At the Agricultural School where St. Paul's works, "children complete three more years of general education as well as training in the principles and practicalities of animal husbandry, and crop production, nuances of drip irrigation to conserve precious water, use of animal waste as manure, and composting techniques for a more productive farm in an area which earlier used slash-and-burn methods. The students share their new-found agricultural knowledge with family and rural neighbors, thereby enhancing individual farms and the community-at-large."

We are eager to reunite with the students and teachers at the school. We are eager to learn more about ourselves as we reside in and respond to a different culture, yet a common and comfortable community of faith. There is so much to be done at the school: roofing, painting, dormitory renovations, repair of farm outbuildings and helping with farm chores. Most importantly, we will be spending time with the children of El Hogar both in work and play.

In order to make this happen, we will need to raise approximately $25,000 to send a team of 15 travelers to El Hogar Projects. Can you make a donation? We have made it simple!  Just click the Donate button and thanks!

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