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The St. Paul’s Honduras Mission has worked with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras since 2004, sponsoring mission trips to remote villages in southeast Honduras to build schools and clean water projects, cisterns, kitchens and more. Last year, we switched our destination to the agricultural school of the El Hogar Projects.

El Hogar Projects is a mission project of the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras under the leadership of The Right Rev. Lloyd Allen.  El Hogar Projects serves 250 children at the three schools and homes.  The elementary school and orphanage serves children ages 6 through the 6th grade.  There are two schools for older children, the technical school and the agricultural school are for children above the 6th grade, whether they attended the El Hogar elementary school or not.  The children in both the technical school and the agricultural school spend half their day learning in the academic classroom and the other half of their day in vocational training.  Their website, www.elhogar.org, is very educational and we urge you to visit it for more information.

Last year, a nine member team from St. Paul's traveled to the agricultural school of El Hogar Projects and began building a house for the director of that school, working along side of a Honduran foreman and students from the school.  Until this house is completed, the director of the school lives in a single room adjacent to a volunteer’s dwelling during the week and travels hours each Friday to return to his wife and children for the weekend.  When the house is completed, his wife and children will be able to join him on the campus of the agricultural school. 

St. Paul’s has decided to return to the agricultural school again this summer.  We are eager to reunite with the students and teachers at the school.  We are eager to make their school a better place.  And we are eager to learn more about ourselves as we reside in and respond to a different culture, yet a common and comfortable community of faith.  We do not know what the project will be for this coming year, but there is much to be done at the school:  roofing, painting, dormitory renovations, repair of farm outbuildings and/or helping with farm chores.  But most importantly, we will be spending time with the children of El Hogar both in work and at play. 

In order to make this happen, we will need to raise approximately 25, 000 dollars to send a team of up to 15 travelers to El Hogar Projects.  Can you make a donation?  Please make checks out to St. Paul’s Church, 15 St. Paul Street, Brookline, MA  02446 with Honduras Mission written on the memo line.

Thank you for your time and interest in our Honduras Mission.

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The St. Paul’s Honduras Mission

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