New Testament Lessons

Sermon on the Mount/Plain

Lord’s Prayer Part 1

Matthew 5, 7; Luke 6

Children’s Illustrated Bible, pp. 214-215

The Book of Common Prayer or the weekly service print out


Over the course of the year, teach children The Lord’s Prayer as part of this year’s focus on the service. Over the next two weeks, make a classroom poster. During the school year, read the prayer aloud each day before class.

Reread the Sermon on the Mount in which Jesus tells the people how to pray.


Ask children to think of any prayers they can think of that we say each week in church.

As you come to the section in which Jesus teaches the people to pray, ask if the words “Our Lord who is in Heaven….” are familiar. Explain that the prayer we say in church each week is the prayer that Jesus taught us. Discuss the first lines of the prayer. Show the prayer as it appears in the print out and Book of Common Prayer.

Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

What does this mean? We call on God our father, and say “your name is holy.” We want got do listen to us as we pray. We remind God that the things we do each week – like helping other people – are ways that we keep God’s name holy.

Thy Kingdom come, will be done

On Earth as it is in heaven.

What do these words mean? We are saying to God that we are waiting for his Kingdom to come, a time when there will be justice for everyone. In the meantime, we will do the things Jesus is telling us to do in the Beatitudes like being a peacemaker so that we can help make the earth as much like God’s kingdom as possible.



Say the Lord’s Prayer in Church

For children who are reading - distribute copies of the Lord’s Prayer and discuss the importance of reading it in church today.


The Lord’s Prayer Classroom Poster

Begin a classroom poster with the lines of the prayer you have discussed. Depending on classroom level, bring in large words that are already printed. Illustrate “earth” and “heaven.” Leave the bottom half of the poster empty and complete it next week.

Make Pretzels

Option 1

Make real pretzels with purchased dough.

Option 2

Make colorful clay pretzels with drying clay.

What are ways that people pray? Show how people pray with hands folded up to heaven, with hands open to heaven – as the priest does during the service when blessing bread and wine. Cross your arms across your chest and explain that this is another way people pray. Ask if children have ever noticed this way of praying during church. (When people at communion ask for a blessing instead of communion.)

A long time ago, pretzels represented the act of praying because pretzels look like arms folded across the chest.

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