New Testament Lessons


Matthew 5, 7; Luke 6

Children’s Illustrated Bible, pp. 214-215

The Book of Common Prayer or the weekly service print out



The Sermon on the Plain and the Sermon on the Mount are similar, but there are some differences. Matthew places Jesus on a mountain, evoking a comparison to Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. In Luke, Jesus preaches on a plain at the same level as his listeners. In both stories, Jesus condemns social injustice and the pursuit of wealth, a revolutionary message about his vision for a new society. And, in both stories Jesus is outside the temple healing, preaching and teaching.



Ask students to recall the story of the Golden Calf. What were the people worshipping? What are ‘golden calves’ that people sometimes worship today? What part of the story sounds like something we say in church every week? (Lord’s Prayer)

What does Jesus say we should pray for? (forgiveness, daily bread)

What does Jesus say about poverty? Wealth?



“Blessed” Collage (Tissue paper, stickers, words, images)


Before class, print “God blesses people who….” and key words from the Beatitudes. Cut into pieces. Cut images from magazines that represent different actions described in the Beatitudes or bring in magazines for children to find their own images.

Distribute a piece of poster-board to each child. Using colored tissue, stickers and words, create a collage by layering papers to the board and painting over with Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue mixed with water.

For younger children, this activity can be done with clear Contact paper. Lay out tissue paper, stickers and pictures on construction paper. Tack to paper with glue stick. Laminate using clear Contact.


What’s Important? Classroom posters

Take three pieces of illustration board and label them Want, Need and Important.


Cut images from magazines and catalogs and draw pictures to cut out pictures of things that people want, the things people need to survive, and the things that are important. Discuss the pictures and then decide where they belong.

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