New Testament Lessons

Before the service, clues will be hidden at various locations throughout the church. Assemble into groups. Each group will be given a team name and number and their first clue.


The clues are in the correct order for Team 1. (Attached document contains numbered clues for 4 more teams.) Create 5 envelopes for each station. Label each with the team name. Insert the numbered clue for the next station in the proper envelope.The team to pick up all ten envelopes first wins. The youngest children should be given a head start.


  1. The altar guild is always able to find a cloth to set the table. (sacristy)
  2. The acolytes climb out of bed and dress themselves in robes of red. (chapel)
  3. To welcome our new sons and daughters we douse their heads with chilly water. (baptismal font)
  4. When the priest goes up to preach a little dog is within reach. (lectern)
  5. This instrument sings “praise the Lord” when it belts out a mighty chord.  (Organ)
  6. After the communion celebration we store the bags of food donations. (food pantry)
  7. In St. Paul’s fire the glass was lost and then remade into this cross. (chapel)
  8. He talked to God and felt his power.  Now he comes to coffee hour (Moses)
  9. The costumes neatly hanging here wait for Christmas every year - (Lichtenberger room)
  10. Early Christians drew a secret sign with two simple curving lines. (fish in the kitchen)


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