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The meeting of the Building Committee on October 16, 2008 addressed:

  • Additional masonry re-pointing work
  • Review of HVAC options
  • Finish materials and sustainable features in Parish House and Rectory
  • Phasing approach to allow access to bathrooms during renovations
  • Preliminary review of Hazardous Material Report

The discussions are summarized below.  

The next meeting will be at 7:30 on 11/12 or 12/17. The agenda will be to discuss the new cost estimate & progress.


The additional re-pointing work at $6,264.00 was approved. The Committee asked that the repair of the front iron rail be re-considered; $2K plus is too high for a simple repair to the railings. D&S to prepare a Change Order for the approved work, without the handrail report. Committee will work out a revised scope and get a price for repairing the railings. D&S to price the "fix" for the ventilation holes and then recalculate the contingency.


Sergio Siani presented options for HVAC work in the Parish House. Design proposals agreed to include:

  • Twin gas-fired, high efficiency, condensing boilers, each supplying about 60% of the heat needed, installed under the Great Hall.
  • A small gas-fired domestic Hot Water Heater.
  • Remove the present kitchen heater and install base cabinet convectors fed from the new boiler.
  • A heat exchanger providing warm air to the Great Hall. No new ventilation to be provided here.
  • Fresh air (ventilation) will be provided to all the Sunday School rooms utilizing a heat exchanger froml the bathroom exhaust to pre-heat the incoming fresh air in the winter. Sergio pointed out that introducing ventilation air with no cooling will add moisture to the basement in the warmer months. The basement will be heated with hot water radiators mounted high on the walls. Sergio proposed a Gennan (Buderus) radiator which is slim and attractive. Committee asked to see a cost comparison with a domestic steel or iron conventional radiator.
  • There will be AC in the three offices only; none in the Choir/Meeting Room and Lichtenberger Room, none or in the future.

The exact configuration of heating, hot water vs. air, is to be resolved by D&S and Norian Siani. It was noted that the bay window in the Lichtenberger Room represents a high heat loss and that it is believed that the window seat contains asbestos. Hot water is preferred over hot air if it is cost competitive. Careful attention to location & layout of attic ducts and air handler unit will need to be paid so that the attic space remains useable.

The construction scope is to include removal of all components of the steam system.

The rectory heating was not discussed.


A description of finish materials was distributed and discussed with the only exceptions taken being;

  • What are the costs and maintenance trade-offs of a hardwood vs. resilient floor in the rental apartment?
  • The Rector's apartment should have attractive wood finished kitchen cabinets.

A description of the sustainable features was distributed and discussed with the only exception being that the dishwashers are preferred to be of domestic manufacture and be very quiet.

The alternate plans for the Admin Office were distributed and discussed with the following decisions:

  • A built-in counter that works with the heating units is to be an Add Alternate.
  • Space for one tall, 4-drawer, file cabinet is needed.

It was noted that at least one drawer, maybe more, in the Parish Hall kitchen sticks or is broken and needs to be fixed as part of this project.

A phasing plan for temporary retention of the existing toilet was discussed. The prevailing opinion was that such a plan should not present a Code issue since the occupancy load is 3 persons. Added cost was estimated at $5,000 to $10,000 for phasing. The Vestry to decide on 10/21/08 whether to proceed with that approach. The Committee wants to re-visit the cost of the project with the Vestry at the 18 November Vestry meeting in light of the disruptions in the financial markets. D&S was asked to produce a revised cost estimate for a Committee meeting on 11/12 (preferred) or 11/17.

A progress set of drawings was provided to Jim Batchelor.

An implicit decision has been made to competitively bid the construction contract rather than negotiate a contract with a construction manager. D&S to look at Starr Contracting, Andy Clarkson's contractor, and others that D&S is familiar with.


A. Brue provided B. Donham with a written Hazardous Material Report from Fuss & O'Neill. Her verbal report said:

  • There is asbestos in the plaster in the Great Hall.
  • There is lots of lead in the second floor of the Rectory, front porch enclosure, and wood trim in the first floor half-bath.

A. Brue and J. Batchelor reported that the License Board will allow Clinton Path to use the first floor of the Rectory if the windows are fixed in-place, the wood trim in the half-bath removed, and the porch enclosure removed. D&S was asked by the Committee to find a contractor to do the last two items.

See complete Building Committee Minutes for October 16, 2008 for attendees and phasing approach diagram.

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