Buildings & Grounds

Masonry Restoration

B. Donham reported that Folan Waterproofing would start work on Monday 22 September and was expected to be complete by the end of October. D&S is still waiting on a pricing breall-down for work to be added. J. Batchelor said that the priorities for added work would be the two vestibules. B. Donham reported that 3 mortar samples had been installed on the north elevation of the Great Hall and that one, "work rite" appeared promising. B. Donham did not think the foundation of the St. Paul Street entrance vestibule to the Great Hall was settling. A. Brue provided B. Donham with 2 copies of the signed construction contact.

Parish House

B. Donham presented enlarged colored drawings and a model of the Great Hall storage units & stairs as well as the corridor elevations. There were accepted. Comments made:
  • D&S to review the Music Room storage with Andy Clarkson
  • Repairs are needed to one of the leaded windows in the current Middle Room
  • Consider frosted finish on Plexiglas storm windows in bathroom
  • Add a horizontal rail to the doors to the 3 Offices
  • The revised kitchen plan was accepted. D&S to check to ensure that renovations are sufficiently modest that full HC accessibility is not required.
  • D&S to check tile ability of tile Palish Secretary's Office to contain all tile needed furnishings & storage. Some Office storage is in the Middle Room.
J. Margolis reported that he is satisfied with the amount and location of the Food Pantry Storage. B. Donham reported on meetings with Clinton Path /Sunday School folks as well as the Kitchen/Hospitality folks. Copies of these meeting notes are attached.


B. Donham showed a new basement plan and slightly altered plans for tile I" floor of the rectory and the apartment. Metal areaways with plastic covers will be added around the basement windows and the wood windows replaced where the brick areaways have collapsed and the windows have rotted. B. Donhan reported that Dixon Bain thought the 2 bedroom apartment could be rented at $2,300 to $2,500 per month. Closets to be added to the two bedrooms. A leak was reported at the connection of tile front porch roof to the masonry above, right above the front door. This should be fixed.


A revised schedule (copy attached) was handed out showing a 2 week slippage. The Clinton Path move to tile Rectory will probably be the first week-end in December.
B. Donham asked members of tile Building Committee to submit names of possible contractors. D&S will vet them.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be at 7:30 on Thursday 16 October. The agenda will be:
  • Finish materials selection
  • New HVAC systems
  • Energy efficiency & sustainability features in the plans
Full minutes of the September 17, 2008 meeting are attached, including revised schedule and notes on:
  • Food Pantry
  • Sunday School- Meeting with Georgia Smith and Maria O'Meara
  • Kitchen - Meeting with Kendall Gray and Ginny Willcox

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