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The following are the minutes of the August 13, 2008  Building Committee Meeting.  (for list of attendees, see attachment at the end of this article)

Masonry Restoration

B. Donham reported that the plans and specs went out on 6/30/08 to seven bidders who had expressed an interest. Three bids were submitted. The low bid, under the estimate, was submitted by Folan Waterproofing, a firm that did the exterior restoration of the St. John's Memorial Chapel at EDS for D&S. There remains $34,580 in the budget (see attachment) within which to do additional work. D&S is working with Folan to get prices on several items of additional work.

The meeting added repair of masonry surrounds of the Rectory basement windows as a first priority. Attendees at the meeting were asked to look at the list of additional scope items and email J. Batchelor with their priorities since all the items won't fit within the available funds

Parish House and Rectory

The twenty one page detailed cost estimate came in $28,000 under the D&S 4/27/08 cost estimate. However, the available funds had been reduced at the 7/9/08 meeting to provide a second contingency, but the scope of work had not been reduced. B. Donham offered three possible scope reductions to reduce the cost (see attached). The first two were accepted by the committee, the third was not. D& S was authorized to proceed with design development. J. Batchelor offered that design changes stop at this point. The schematic design/pricing drawings were reviewed with the following comments:
  • The Rectory basement is wet.
  • Some Rectory appliances &plumbing fixtures are new.
  • The Rectory basement plan needs to show how the furnace and hot water will be flued since two chimneys are being eliminated. Security from the basement to the two separate apartments must be maintained
  • D& S to submit a finished floor plan of the rental unit to Dixon Bain for comment.
  • J. Batchelor asked that D&S bring the cardboard model of the east end of the Great Hall to the next meeting.
  • J. Batchelor would like to see a copy of the Rectory basement plan.
  • C. Logan to review kitchen needs at a site meeting with Kendall Grey &Ginny Wilcox.
  • C. Logan to review Sunday School & Clinton Path needs at a joint meeting with Georgia Smith or Maria O'Meara and Laura Bradford (Clinton Path). The proposed wall storage is intended for the Sunday School, not Clinton Path. Perhaps the same needs would be met with a large closet, with two rolling carts, carved out of the two north-east classrooms. D&S to consider. All existing doors to be reviewed too.
  • Administrative office space, furniture & equipment to be reviewed on site.
  • Add lights under sanctuary.
  • Consider adding power outlets in Sunday School space.


The Rectory is rented to John Anderson through the end of October. The de-leading will take place after Anderson moves out. Lead and asbestos inspections are scheduled for both buildings at the end of August. Clinton Path to stay in the Rectory through the Spring 2009 school year.
Schedule for construction and masonry has slipped two weeks. Design work on the Parish House & Rectory has slipped two weeks. D&S to try to make up the slippage. See attached revised schedule. D&S to ask a contractor review and comment on the five month construction timetable for both the Parish House and the Rectory.
Renovation Schedule as of 8-13-08

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 9/17/08 at 7:30 pm.
Download this file (Minutes of 8-13-08 meeting SKMBT_C45008081510580.pdf)Minutes of 8-13-08 meeting SKMBT_C45008081510580.pdf[Minutes of 8-13-08 Building Committee Meeting]0 kB

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