Buildings & Grounds

Why Are We Doing This?

 Our buildings are old. The Parish Hall was built in 1859, the rectory in 1886, and the rest of the parish house in 1896. The last major renovation to the parish house occurred 83 years ago. Needs have changed in the parish house and the rectory needs updating prior to the new rector.

Our rectory is suffering from considerable deferred maintenance. Aside from the timeliness of doing necessary work when the rectory is empty, and the desirability of preparing for a new rector’s arrival, we have a responsibility to maintain this historic residence, to bring it up to code, and preserve it for the future.

Our parish house, and all our spaces, need to be more functional so that we can serve all our ministries more effectively. Our spaces are so multi-purposed, that each one has lost its identity. Precious time is spent by clergy and lay leaders making accommodations for the shortcomings of the space, when that time could be devoted to ministry. By purposefully and prayerfully rethinking our spaces, we hope to enhance the work of each ministry that occurs in each space. We hope to increase our capability to expand our ministries, present and future, to better serve the needs of the 21st century.


What Are the Challenges and Options?

 So what are the major challenges facing the Rectory and Parish Hall?

  • Not enough space for programs
  • Rectory too large for modern family
  • Not enough money for complete renovation

And they are all interrelated!

Not enough space for programs


  • Our programs need 50% more space than we have


  • Continue sharing space
  • Use extra space in rectory
  • Build additional space

Rectory too large for modern family


  • Rectory is over 7,000 square feet (sf), far larger than needed by modern families


  • Divide into 1 bedroom unit (500 sf) and 5,000 sf rectory
  • Divide into 2 bedroom unit (1,000 sf) and 4,500 sf rectory
  • Use some space for parish programs
  • Temporary space during parish hall renovation

Not enough money for complete renovation



  • Capital campaign has raised over $600,000
  • To fully renovate upstairs and basement of parish hall and rectory will cost $1.6 million


  • Reduce scope (such as make minimal changes to basement)
  • Sell/rent unused half of rectory lot
  • Create and sell/rent a second unit in the rectory
  • Use some funds from the endowment

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