Buildings & Grounds

With various reviews & changes confirmed, the work has picked up considerably.  The work status over the last two weeks includes

The next items will include:

  1. Rough plumbing for the bathroom has been completed & last week was the rough plumbing inspection;
  2. The electrical inspector gave rough electrical sign-off last week.  A great deal of electrical work is continuing including fire alarm work, and phone/computer lines;
  3. Installation of the icynene insulation in the great hall and choir room has been completed;
  4. Installation of wallboard has started.

Upcoming items include completing the wall board work, bathroom installation work, installation of the cabinets in the middle room, kitchen work and painting and flooring finishes.

Building Clean-Out & Salvage Items

Walter, Steve E-S & I met last week to device a moving plan for the rest of the rectory work.  All furniture will be moved out of the middle room and scattered pieces in the basement will be moved out as of June 17.  The items will be moved into one side of the Lichtenberger Room.  The room will still be available through the week for smaller meetings.  Approximately one week after that the remaining furniture from the offices, rector’s office, etc. will be moved into the Lichtenberger room for painting & floor sanding.  At that time, the Lichtenberger Room will be unavailable for two plus weeks for any meetings and coffee hour.   There will also be a move of Clinton Path furniture from one basement room to another. 

Walter has also made a commitment to clear out the Rectory prior to the start of the work by the contractor.  While the sanctuary floors are being refinished, all furniture will be moved out of there.

Change Orders

We are awaiting proposals for the following changes:

  1. Installing new kitchen cabinets, and other related items;
  2. Installing new phone & IT lines;
  3. We just received a change proposal for the lighting with a credit of approximately $2,100 but this is under review

No new change order items have come up since our last Building Committee


The schedule is tightening up but at this time we are moving hopefully on the following schedule:

  1. On June 17, furniture will be put in the Lichtenberger Room.  For the rest of that week, smaller meetings and the June 21 coffee hour can take place there;
  2. Approx. one week later (June 27), all access to the Parish House will be closed off beyond the vestibule for two – three weeks.  The vestibule will be open as well as access to the basement;
  3. We are hopeful that a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by June 27 although it is quite possible this could get pushed back a week.  At that time the basement will be done and Clinton Path could move back.  They have been provided this information.  They have expressed reluctance to move back while sanding of the floors above them is taking place;
  4. I would expect work to start in the rectory July 6 or July 13.  The contractor still feels he can meet the October 1 completion date for the Rectory;
  5. The repair of the stained glass and the installation of storm windows will not be completed until August;
  6. Because of the approval of refinishing the floors in the Sanctuary, it will be closed off for two weeks sometime in August.  For those services, the great hall would be available.

I am concerned though that the kitchen work may delay issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by a week and so re-occupancy by Clinton Path.  This not only would delay the start of work on the Rectory by a week, but there are also issues of Clinton’s ability to pull off their move.

The contractor maintains that he can still meet the October 1 completion date for the Rectory, but realistically that would be dependent on minimal change orders there.  The submittal and review process of materials and equipment he will be using has largely been completed and this will work to our benefit.  Following the construction meeting this week we will be inspecting the rectory with some of his subs to perhaps identify some issues ahead of time, but there are not guarantees.


Thanks to Betsy Munzer, there will be additional funds available for furnishings.  A Furnishings Committee has been established to determine needs and acquisitions.  The committee is headed up by Sadna Brown and Jeff Brown with committee members Betsy Munzer and Pat Dunbar.

During the walk-through of the rectory with Jeff Mello and Brett, Jeff mentioned two concerns.  The first is a request that some kind of screening go around the rental parking spaces.  The second is a request to paint the floors on the 3rd level

During the walk-through with Brett, Brett mentioned that the family of the rector before George expressed a willingness to pay for removal of the oak tree that is growing close to the rectory on the eastern side.

RISE Engineering conducted a MassSave energy audit on the Parish House on June 16.  They will be issuing a report and we will be able to get some financial payments from them for work we have undertaken.  We are awaiting an audit by AECom Engineering related to our electrical usage.

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