Buildings & Grounds

After an initial burst of demo work, construction slowed down for a period of about two weeks.  The hold-up was due primarily to:

  1. Review and approval of some change proposals;
  2. Submission and review of the fire alarm plans by the electrician and electrical engineer;
  3. Review of some of the layouts for the HVAC ducting;

Following the Memorial Day weekend the work was able to get fully back on with the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work on going.   As of today, the status is as follows:

1.    The heating system for the Great Hall is 75% complete and installation of the ventilation for the basement has begun.  Installation of the energy recovery ventilator that "preheats" the ventilation air for the basement has been started;

2.    Installation of the fire alarm system is at 25%; wiring to the Great Hall is completed, and electrical to the kitchen, choir room, and bathroom is proceeding;

3.    Plumbing work in the renovated bathroom is 50%;


The next items will include:

  1. Continuing the work above;
  2. Insulation work in the Great Hall and Choir Room;
  3. Installation of new doors;
  4. Preparing the middle room for installation of new cabinets for the food pantry.

Building Clean-Out & Salvage Items

There is still a great deal of clean-out and salvaging of items.  In the Parish House, that including the armoire with the pageant costumes, and the double cabinets along the wall in the middle room.  In the Rectory, the items in the garage and the rest of the rectory itself have to be sold, moved, or salvaged.  To help reduce the need for moving and salvage, there will be a yard sale of existing furniture in the rectory and garage on June 6 or 13.  IF ANYONE KNOWS SOMEONE WHO MAY BE INTERESTED IN THE FURNITURE IN THE MIDDLE ROOM OF THE PARISH HALL, LET ME KNOW ASAP.


Change Orders

The following changes have been approved as part of Change Order #2 which totals $8,875:

  1. Contracting directly for the stained glass work for a savings of $4,000.  We also received a credit for the sale by Steve E-S of the risers;
  2. Installation icynene insulation in the Great Hall and Choir Room;
  3. Replacement of deteriorated basement doors.  All classroom doors in the basement, choir room, and the rector's office will have glass installed in them following the "Safe Practices" recommendations of the Diocese;
  4. Fire alarm changes as required by the Brookline Fire Department;
  5. New flooring in the kitchen;
  6. Minor assorted wiring and ductwork.

Another change proposal has been approved for $10,774 for installation of all new cabinets in the middle room for the food pantry.  The cabinet space for the food pantry will be increasing from 26 linear fee to 33 linear feet.  With this installation, all of the existing cabinets along the wall with the Lichtenberger room will be removed (and looking for a home).  The proposal also includes building a closet for use by the church.  The food pantry will be paying the cost of the additional cabinet space and the church will be responsible for the cost of the closet.


Looking down the road, most of the issues from which change orders could arise have been identified with the demo work and layout of the HVAC system.  The one potential major issue could be the kitchen cabinets.  This will be discussed in more detail at the Building Committee meeting on June 3.



We are running about two weeks behind schedule.  It now appears that Clinton Path will be moving back the last week of June instead of the middle of June.  As a result, the work in the rectory will be starting two weeks late.  The critical issue is the approval of the completed fire alarm system before the town will allow Clinton Path to move back in.  At that time, the bulk of the work in the Parish Hall will be completed although the storm windows and stained glass would not be completed until a month later. We are still proceeding on the basis of a September 30 completion.


In order to avoid some of the problems with layouts, submission review, and change orders in the rectory, we plan to have all submissions approved prior to mid June and we will inspect the rectory with the contractor and sub to try to identify problems ahead of time.

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