Buildings & Grounds

by John Mahoney


Construction has started as scheduled and is moving along smoothly The demolition and asbestos abatement has been completed without a hitch. Work has included demo in the kitchen, combining the men's room with the robery for creation of a handicapped bathroom and opening the entry into the Great Hall by tearing down the smaller office. The next items up include rough carpentry and starting the plumbing, heating and electrical work.


Many thanks in particular to Terry, David, and Andy for all their good cheer and patience through-out all the disruption.


Construction Oversight

Andrea Brue and John Mahony are monitoring construction and attending weekly meetings with the contractor Jim Lambrianidis of Lambrian Construction and Chris Long the architect in charge from Donham and Sweeney. John is also doing site monitoring during the course of the week.


Building Clean-Out & Salvage Items

  • The monumental task of clearing items out was done by Walter Mucha, Steve Estes-Smargiasi, and Alan Fried. Hats off to a great job;
  • Thanks to Steve Smargiasi the risers were sold through Craigslist and Tim Smith sold the oversized door panels at the entrance to the Great Hall;
  • The mirror in the robery was salvaged for the yard sale (or re-use) and the marble sink was saved for sale on Craigslist.


  • The original completion dates were to be June 1 for the Parish House and September 1 for the Rectory. The Construction Committee agreed to an extension until June 15 for the Parish House and September 30 for the Rectory. Clinton Path will still be able to move back in as of June 1. The storm windows and stained glass repair may extend longer than June 15 but those items would not adversely affect the full usage of the Parish House.


The contractor submitted his first draft "pencil" requisition for $44,588 that was approved. Requisitioned items include the demolition, abatement, and upfront costs such as bonding, insurance and mobilization.


Change Orders & Revisions

It is construction so the need for changes have already come up - some working to our benefit.

  • Change Order # 1 totaling $37,500 was submitted and approved. This was the formal approval of the work previously approved by the Building Committee including the kitchen upgrades, new men's bathroom, and wider passage to the Great Hall;
  • In order to properly abate the asbestos in the Great Hall the insulation needed to be removed where the plaster had been removed;
  • We have deleted repair of the stained glass with a credit of $11,000 from Lambrian and will be contracting for the repair directly with Emanuel Genovese for $6,500. Walter provided the tip on Mr. Genovese who has done work at St. Paul's previously;
  • Lambrian will provide a credit for St. Paul's removal of the risers in the choir room;
  • We met with the insulation contractor for Lambrian Construction and he is providing us with a proposal to fully insulate the Parish House (walls only) and the walls and attic area of the Rectory with icynene. The proposal would include a type of icynene foam insulation that can be installed behind existing plaster walls. An audit from MassSave at the Rectory is still scheduled for May 20. From that we will be eligible for a rebate of $2,000;
  • The contractor is providing an estimate for installation of 10 new doors. These would primarily be in place of repairing and installing glass lites in existing doors, many of which are located in the basement;
  • Chris Long has sent proposals for various cabinet options for the middle room. This was done because the new cabinet locations were closing off the entry into the great hall that was just opened up by reducing the size of the smaller office. Jim Margolis and Jim Batchelor will review. We will then get a cost proposal from the contractor.


  • This week the architect will provide a color board with recommendations for Jim Batchelor and Pat Dunbar to review;
  • The contractor will be renting the three parking spaces at the Rectory for $150 per month per space.

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