Food Pantry

The Brookline Emergency Food Pantry, housed at St. Paul’s Church, is a community-wide effort to address a community-wide problem.

The Food Pantry is open to all Brookline Residents who are low-income and are in need of food. Anyone who wishes to register can bring in a letter of reference including their address and proof of need. Registration takes place during our open hours listed below. Food and money are donated by Brookline communities of faith, Brookline Schools and organizations such as the Rotary Club, the Coolidge Corner Merchants Association, and the post office letter carriers.

The Brookline Emergency Food Pantry's mission is to ensure none of our Brookline Neighbors go to bed hungry. Your support is needed as our numbers continue to grow.


Several local community gardens have

donated produce throughout the summer and fall. 

Their efforts, combined with the efforts of Loving Spoonful,

have greatly enhanced the healthy and fresh offerings at the pantry. 

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