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Many of us have come from different faith traditions; some from no tradition. However, all of us have been drawn to this sacred place seeking answers to life's deeper questions. 

As an intergenerational community of faith, we celebrate God's graciousness by proclaiming in word and deed that God's love is abundant and unconditional. Our spiritual commitment to social justice and ministry beyond our walls calls us to individual and collective action.

Wherever you are on your journey with, or toward, God, from any tradition or none, you are welcomed and invited to experience God's life-giving grace and peace with us at St. Paul's.


please see "Weekly Calendar" below for details

8:00 -- Contemplative Communion Service in Chapel with time for silence and shared reflections on the readings

9:00 -- Christian Education for All Ages:  Sunday School and Youth Group in Lower Level, Adult Education in Lichtenberger Room (September through June)

10:00 -- Holy Communion with Music, Choir and Sermon in the Sanctuary

11:00 -- Coffee and Conversation

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Hazel Johnson-150x150Hazel Johnson

Director of Children and Youth Ministries


Hazel Johnson is a Nevada native who came to this Diocese in 2011 to participate in the Young Adult Service Program, Life Together. Although she grew up in the Baptist Church, Hazel was searching for a Church that was welcoming and had a mission that matched her own. In October 2012 Hazel was confirmed as an Episcopalian and joined this Diocese in its fight to create a more just world; God's kingdom on earth. In her day-to-day profession, Hazel serves as the Director of Education at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club. She sits on the ECM Board and has worked as a Youth Leadership Academy Mentor. Since being confirmed in 2012, Hazel has jumped in to the life of the diocese and she is excited to join the St. Paul’s community as the Director of Children and Youth Ministries. She firmly believes that it is important for children, especially in an increasingly seemingly secular world, to be given the tools that will set them up for success in life and help them understand their Episcopal faith. If you have questions about youth ministry or would like to be in contact, please email Hazel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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